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Sample and Plate Management

LIMSense™ gives biobanks and other labs the flexibility to manage samples and plates easily, while maintaining complete sample traceability throughout the specimen lifecycle.


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High-throughput Sample Processing

LIMSense tracks samples and aliquots on plates. Samples can be added to plates quickly through user-defined algorithm and template, and moved around easily using a graphical tool. You can update sample meta data across a plate with just a few clicks. LIMSense lets you process hundreds of samples and multiple plates all at once.

Flexible Plate Processing

Plate re-array couldn't be easier with LIMSense plate mapping tool. Aliquots in each well can be merged, aliquoted, cloned or moved across plates through a template. LIMSense generates instrument file according to the mapping so you don't have to use Excel® 


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“At Singular Bio we surveyed a number of sample tracking and management systems to map onto our assay workflow and we were sold on the flexibility and ease of use of the AduroSys LIMSense platform. The final product fully met our needs and delighted our lab team who found it very intuitive and easy to use.” 

- Singular Bio

See how LIMSense can work in your lab.

Configurable workflows

The LIMSense workflow engine gives you the flexibility to customize how samples are processed based on what works for your lab. Easily reconfigure workflows to adapt to process changes in the future.


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Complete chain of custody

LIMSense provides sample traceability throughout the entire specimen lifecycle. Maintain history on your sample’s origin, location and movement, aliquoting events, lineage, analysis data and more. Full audit trails are available for each sample.

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Easy Implementation and Integration

Transitioning to a LIMS or integrating a new LIMS into your lab workflow doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The AduroSys implementation team has decades of LIMS experience, and provides you with full support throughout the process to ensure an easy transition. 

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Planning. We meet with your team to understand your immediate and long-term goals and lab workflow.

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Design. We set up your LIMS, create your workflows and quick access to features you need. But you have access to all features, all the time.

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Implementation. We train your team and provide support through implementation in the lab so you’re up and running quickly.

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Support. Whenever you have questions or need to update your workflows, we’re ready to assist.

See how LIMSense can work in your lab.

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LIMSense gives labs all the functionality they need and will actually utilize. A simple, flat-fee subscription model gives you access to every feature. It’s more cost effective than larger, more complex multi-application systems.

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Easy transition from spreadsheets

LIMSense eliminates manual spreadsheet manipulation, and makes it much easier to maintain data for a continually expanding sample inventory. Simple to use features and an intuitive interface take the stress out of the transition. Anyone can start using it right away.  

Easy on your budget

LIMSense Features

Sample & Experiment Tracking

Lab Integration

  • Sample status tracking (requests, registration, shipments, and destruction)

  • Sample lineage, aliquoting and derivatives tracking

  • Sample batch processing

  • Sample inventory management

  • Sample tracking in and out of storage locations

  • Full chain of custody 

  • Configurable sample management workflows

  • User-defined meta data

  • Data import via template mapping

  • Reporting with charts and dashboard 

  • Multi-criteria search

  • Integration with external systems

  • Full Application Programming Interface (API) support

  • Cloud-hosted deployments 

  • Manage high-throughput plate processing

  • Instrument worklist generation

  • Auto-generate plate maps

  • User defined plate dimension

  • Heatmap visualization of plate data

Security & Compliance

  • Role-based security

  • Audit trail

  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant application

Plate Tracking

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