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I just need a simple LIMS to track and store samples. Is that possible?

Yes, LIMSense allows you to register samples, store and retrieve samples. Many interfaces in LIMSense are configurable so you can configure the interfaces with only the information that’s relevant to you.

I have custom lab processes that no other lab has. How could LIMSense help?

LIMSense can be configured to be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The workflow engine allows adding custom lab processes, which essentially converts an out-of-box LIMS solution to a custom solution based on your specific needs.

I have data from different instruments or analysis processes. Can I upload and store those data in LIMSense?

Yes, you can upload any sample data in .csv or .xls (Excel) file formats into LIMSense with simple template mapping. All data associated with a sample are consolidated, viewed and accessed in one central location. Further analysis can be performed on an integrated data set. We also support direct data upload via programming API.

How can I find the status of my sample quickly?

LIMSense has a built-in quick search using the sample name to access all information related to a sample including sample status, metadata, runs, run results, documents and reports, etc. You can also see sample status changes along with who and when changes are made.

Can LIMSense handle multiple runs of the same sample?

Yes, you can process and reprocess a sample multiple times. Sample lineage and aliquots are tracked distinctively so that you can compare the results from different runs or aliquots side-by-side.

Can I register a plate of samples and merge or split samples on the plate?

LIMSense has an easy-to-use yet sophisticated plate management system, where a plate can be created from a batch of samples, then subsequently merged, split, aliquoted or cloned into other plates.

How can I have different people reviewing sample results and test reports?

LIMSense allows you to configure who can review or approve results based on projects or custom metadata.

We would like to pull sample status from our LIMS into a CRM so that our sales representative can monitor samples from their clinic or physician clients. Can that be done?

Yes! LIMSense offers a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (API), which provides access to the sample data given correct permissions. The APIs enable real-time integration between LIMSense and any external applications such as CRMs.

There are usually many features in LIMS and it's hard to find what I need. How does LIMSense address this problem?

LIMSense addresses the problem in 3 ways:

  1. LIMSense is a task driven system, where only tasks relevant to you are shown when you log in.

  2. The LIMSense workflow exposes only relevant data and interfaces based on your lab’s needs.

  3. Quick search functionality is built-in so that you can easily find the information you're looking for.

Can I just buy the modules I need instead of the entire LIMSense package?

We offer a subscription-based and simple pricing model where you have access to all modules available in LIMSense.

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