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About AduroSys

We track samples.


AduroSys offers a workflow-driven, cloud-based LIMS that makes sample tracking, inventory, and managing plates and experiments effortless for scientists so they can focus on the science instead.


Our LIMS platform was built from ground-up, leveraging our combined several decades of experience in the life science industry. LIMSense is a flexible, easy to use and scalable solution for clinical labs, biobanks, and synthetic biology labs. It cuts typical implementation time and cost, and has saved our customers hundreds of hours – ultimately resulting in happier labs.


This innovative LIMS platform offers:


  • Intuitive and user-friendly system that all our customers love to use

  • Configurable interfaces that minimize costly customization

  • Flexible and powerful workflows that reflect customers’ lab processes



Amber Shao
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Ms. Shao founded AduroSys, a software company, to address the critical need in the biotech and pharma sectors for more flexible and lightweight software to better manage the increasingly large, complex and highly regulated volumes of data associated with sample processing.
Over the past 15 years in the biotech sector, and particularly in the context of genome sequencing, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics laboratories, she has contributed to and led the engineering and management of numerous software systems, including LIS, Inventory, CRM, Billing, and multiple implementations of both commercial and in-house LIMS. These systems have supported laboratory R&D ranging from plant trait screening and optimization to patient sample analysis to model organism genetics and phenotype screening. She also has a deep understanding of the complex integration issues and architected system integration strategies that provides seamless data access and use to laboratory personnel. 

Previously, Amber held positions of increasing responsibility at Exelixis, Joint Genome Institute, XDx, CardioDx and Verinata Health; and has additionally been retained as a software systems consultant by several other biotech companies, including Myraqa, CellScape and Dupont Pioneer.
Amber holds B.Sc. degrees in both Biochemistry and Computer Science from the University of Alberta.

Advisory Board

Darren Platt, PhD

Chief Information Officer and President, Demetrix

Dr. Platt brings three decades of experience in computer science, informatics and genomics in the context of biotech start-ups and major genome centers to the AduroSys Advisory Board.  He is Chief Information Officer and President at Demetrix, where his department provides computing and robotics support for strain construction and optimization pipeline.​


Previously, he was VP of Data Science at Amyris, Director of Research at 23andMe, Head of Informatics at the Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute, and Director of Informatics at Exelixis, all in the Bay Area.  Dr. Platt received his Computer Science at Monash University, Melbourne Australia and did post-doctoral work with the Sanger Centre in the UK.

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