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Manage samples and plates effortlessly

Meet LIMSense

Cloud-based LIMS Solutions


Sample and plate management

Manage sample and plate registration, processing, retrieval and reporting. Track aliquot merges and splits through plate re-array. Maintain chain of custody and sample lineage.

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Sample inventory

Create electronic maps of sample storage in the lab. Track samples in and out of storage, and sample and aliquot movement throughout processing.


Experiment management

Track experimental parameters, instruments and reagents – and samples through batches and plates. Plan experiments and auto-generate plate maps.


Reagent inventory

Track and manage reagents or medium. Store expiration dates. Track multiple reagent batches. Create and store prep protocols or medium recipes and auto-calculate amounts needed.

Shouldn’t Sample Tracking in Plates Be Easier?

LIMS packages can be inflexible, complicated to use, and too costly for smaller organizations to implement. And some vendors don’t make customer service a priority. But relying on spreadsheets is hugely time-consuming, hard to manage and error-prone.

This was our experience, and why AduroSys is passionate about building elegant software solutions that improve lab efficiency for scientists. LIMS that is easy to use, flexible and cost-effective with access to the best customer service.

100s of customer lab hours saved

50% reduction in cost of implementation

30% faster implementation than other vendors

Decades of experience with LIMS

How We Work With You

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We meet with your team to understand your immediate and long-term goals and lab workflow.

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We set up your LIMS, create your workflows and quick access to features you need. But you have access to all features, all the time.

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We train your team and provide support through implementation in the lab so you’re up and running quickly.

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Whenever you have questions or need to update your workflows, we’re ready to assist.


Flexible, easy to use LIMS

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Easy on your budget. LIMSense gives labs all the functionality they need and will actually utilize. A simple, flat-fee subscription model gives you access to every feature. It’s more cost effective than larger, more complex multi-application systems.

easy transition.png

Easy transition from spreadsheets. LIMSense eliminates manual spreadsheet manipulation, and makes it much easier to maintain data for a continually expanding sample inventory. Simple to use features and an intuitive interface take the stress out of the transition. Anyone can start using it right away.

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